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BTECH is an Italian company that operates in the field of smart films and smart glass. We collaborate with a major partner, a world leader in the production of polarizers, which has been researching and innovating in the field of materials and technologies for over 25 years. Together, we aim to make people's lives more comfortable and smarter, which is why our motto is: "Be Smart, Be Tech!"

Smart Film & Smart Glass

We provide ultra-clear glass and films with integrated PDLC technology, maximum security and performance.

SPD Smart Glass

SPD technology changes its color and the ability to reduce heat in environments.

Smart Blind

Thanks to the special processing of the smart film, we can integrate the "Venetian blind" effect.

Data Jammer Film

The Hide Data Jammer film can be applied to glass and blocks the view of all LCD screens.

Solar Control

We install the best solar control, reflective, and photochromic anti-heat films.

Holographic Led Film

We install the innovation in the advertising sector for showcases, presented at CES in Las Vegas in 2024.


The technologies related to the Smart Film and Smart Glass sector that we provide are widely used in various fields. We are constantly committed every day to offering our customers the best solutions for their smart projects.


The Best Smart Film and Smart Glass You'll Ever See

BrixiaTech PDLC films and glass are called smart film and smart glass. They are made with cutting-edge technology and nanomaterials produced by market leaders. PDLC technology allows you to adjust transparency with a simple electrical command. With a touch, you can instantly transform a glass surface from transparent to opaque, creating privacy on demand. You will also control the brightness and heat inside your environment. Choose to integrate the most transparent low-voltage “switchable” films into your projects. Because probably nobody (or almost nobody) will tell you about this factor, important for understanding the performance, but also for the durability of Smart Film.

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Crystal Clear Low-Voltage Smart Glass

At BrixiaTech, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers, as the fields of application are truly vast. Our Smart Film and Smart Glass are perfect for:

  • Offices: Creating privacy on demand, for example for confidential meetings or to better focus on your work. Controlling brightness and reducing glare, for a more comfortable and productive work environment.
  • Homes: Creating privacy in rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms, for greater peace of mind and confidentiality. Controlling natural light, to create a more relaxing atmosphere or to make the most of sunlight. Improving energy efficiency, by reducing the use of artificial lighting and air conditioning systems.
  • Stores: Creating captivating windows that attract the attention of customers, to increase sales and the image of the store. Controlling natural light, to protect exposed goods from UV rays and to create a more pleasant environment for customers.
  • Industrial environments: Creating flexible dividers for privacy and security, to optimize space and improve safety at work. Controlling brightness, for a safer and more comfortable work environment. Improving energy efficiency, reducing lighting consumption.
  • Healthcare: Integrating glass partition walls that promote the diffusion of natural light, for a healthier and more comfortable environment for patients and medical staff. Providing privacy when needed, by opacifying the glass on command, to protect patient privacy.
  • Transportation: Integrating smart glass technology on trains, buses, caravans and campers, cars and boats, to offer more and more to customers and passengers. For example, to adjust privacy, brightness and temperature inside the vehicle. To improve the travel experience and passenger safety.


In addition to these examples, our Smart Film and Smart Glass can be used in many other ways. Contact us to learn more and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Smart Glass e Smart Film

How We Will Make Your Project a Success

Our productions

Smart Film & Smart Glass

Automatic film cutting

Italian Laboratory Customization

After the project evaluation phase, we take the exact measurements and create the technical material necessary to define every detail. Following approval, we proceed with the cutting of the films using automatic workbenches, guaranteeing the perfect quality of the material.

Smart Glass Production

Through Key Italian Partnerships

We rely on highly professional glassmaking companies equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and boasting remarkable production capabilities to provide laminated glass, double glazing, curved glass, automotive and marine glass, also to retailers.

Partition Panels

Design Collection

We always strive for excellence, which is why we have chosen to market the best PDLC technology and can design and manufacture high-end partition panels, glass doors and decorative walls. Contact our specialist now.

Total Comfort


Some examples of Smart Film and Smart Glass


Privacy on-demand with Smart Film and Smart Glass. Create flexible spaces by optimizing natural light. Increase energy savings and impress your customers with innovative solutions.


Integrating Smart Film and Smart Glass enhances home comfort. You can reduce overheating thanks to the heat-resistant properties of Smart Film. Protect your privacy, even at night.


Boost your visibility with technology, optimize energy consumption and space. Increase the value of your properties and the appeal to your guests. Aim for high-performance Smart solutions.


Smart Glass for the Marine Industry. Elevate the luxury of your yacht by integrating technology, performance, and the uniqueness of our top-performing products for unparalleled transparency.


The Next Generation of Smart Film 2024

Our product lines, particularly our high-performance Smart Films and Smart Glass, boast truly unique names in our catalog. We have chosen to associate the most famous artistic movements with our new technologies, making them immediately distinguishable. We want to emphasize that our products represent the pinnacle of excellence in the industry, offering impeccable clarity even at high angles.

These cutting-edge technologies represent the state of the art in low-voltage Smart Film research and production, surpassing even the most renowned competitors. We would be delighted to demonstrate the differences with real samples, comparing them directly to the most common products on the market.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the technology and the offerings of the international market. Freely download our new Spring 2024 catalog to discover all the opportunities offered by this exceptional technology.

More and more customers are embracing the Smart Glass ecosystem, integrating a new ally into their windows and doors. A single product encompasses multiple functionalities: on-demand privacy, energy saving, natural light diffusion, soundproofing, and retroprojection capabilities.

The Main Certifications of Our Smart Films and Smart Glass

Our Smart Films have obtained the following certifications:

The shading coefficient of the power-on state, Formaldeide Free, No heavy metal residues, Radiation test, SGS QUVI 500H, REACH I97 Substances, RoHS EU, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018

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