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Revolutionize your spaces with a switch!

What Switchable Film and Smart Film Do?

Switchable Film and Smart Glass Switchable allow the glass to change its own appearance from an opaque white state to transparency. All with the highest performance in the industry. The transformation occurs in less than a second, with a click! Discover all smart products and choose the one that best suits your project.

The technology that revolutionizes the management of spaces and light

We can sell and install the switchable film on existing glass or we create new smart glass with our specialists based in Italy.

Buy a sample and discover the best quality in your hands.

Transparency in a Click

Have you ever dreamed of being able to control the transparency of your glasses by simply using the command of an app, or your favorite voice assistant? Or are you wondering how to darken your windows as you like, but want something even more innovative than classic mechanical in glass solutions like Venetian Windows?

Today, thanks to smart glass and adhesive switchable films, you can control the transparency and opacity of your glass with a simple click, in less than a second.

Smart glass, also known as switchable glass or electrochromic glass, is a material that can change its transparency in a dynamic and controlled manner. Thanks to this feature it is therefore possible to control the amount of light coming from the outside.

This “magic” happens thanks to a special LCD film that is installed on the glass and which reacts to an electrical signal. In a instant, you can go from an opaque surface that provides privacy, to a transparent window. This allows natural light to flood the room in a uniform and non-annoying way.

Our Services

In short, what we can do to realize your project
Smart glass, office pareti in vetro LCD

Smart Glass

We create tailor-made glass with "smart" Ultra Clear technology.

Smart Film Office

Switchable Film

We install the Ultra Clear smart adhesive film on existing windows.

Smart Glass SPD

Smart Glass SPD

We provide SPD smart glass, dynamically dimming glass.

Smart Glass Custom e pareti divisorie in vetro

Custom Projects

We design the smart solution from scratch according to your needs.

Amazing Applications

With Smart Glass and Switchable Film

Privacy on Demand

With smart film and smart glass, you can enjoy privacy when you need it. Just press a button and the glass instantly darkens, keeping prying eyes away. Ideal for offices, meeting rooms and bathrooms.

Smart Glass Solar Control

Reduce the overheating of your spaces with smart glass. By doing this it will not be necessary to install an external solar film. You can regulate the amount of sunlight entering a room, improving comfort and saving on energy costs.

Aesthetics and Versatility

The smart glass adds a modern and sophisticated touch to any environment. In fact, you can use it to divide rooms, creating movable walls and high-definition digital screens.

Sustainable Technology

This solution reduces, for example, the need for curtains or shutters. It reduces energy consumption of air conditioning and artificial lights, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Promote Your Image

Businesses can customize their smart glass with logos, messages or images to enhance brand identity and attract customers’ attention.

Global Service

5 year warranty, long life span, performance, assistance.

Smart Glass: Innovation is within everyone's reach

No matter if you’re looking to improve comfort in your home or revolutionize your work environment, the Switch Glass is a smart investment. Technology is now more accessible than ever, with a wide range of options available to suit your specific needs.

Don’t give up the possibility of having complete control over your lighting and privacy, especially now that the smart film can be applied to existing windows, without the need to replace the fixtures.

Move into the future with smart solutions by BTECH and transform your space into a more functional, elegant and sustainable place.

Contact us today to find out how this innovative technology can improve your life.

The Simplicity of Use

Using the smart technology is incredibly intuitive. You can control it via a wall switch, a remote control, a mobile application, a contact or presence sensor, according to your preferences. This makes it safe, suitable for all ages and any environment.

Furthermore, it is highly durable, the highest performing model is estimated to have a potential lifespan of over 10 years* and requires almost no maintenance. You can enjoy this technology without worrying about hidden costs or complicated management procedures.

*Estimated based on 3000 hour tests performed by the manufacturer in the laboratory, under conditions of intense use. The estimated life is calculated in the ON state of 12/15 hours per day for each day. May vary based on actual usage.

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Hands-on experience with smart film and smart glass

Imagine waking up in the morning, in front of a transparent glass showing a beautiful view.

Then, with a simple tap on your smartphone or a switch, you control the glass that darkens to give you the privacy you need, as you prepare for the day. This is just one of the many hands-on experiences that smart glass offers.

In the office, for example, you can transform a meeting room into a versatile space that adapts to the different needs of your teams.

The glass becomes an interactive touchscreen during presentations, but not only that, it quickly transforms into an opaque wall for confidential discussions.

This flexibility improves productivity and makes meetings more effective.

Smart glass technology is also an ideal option for commercial spaces such as restaurants, high street shops and showrooms.

Install smart film in your showcase and you will have a large screen without losing display space.

Capture your customers’ attention with innovative window displays that change appearance depending on the time of day or occasion.

Where to Install the Smart Glass

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Ask for Smart Glass and Smart Film

Smart glass is transforming our perception of spaces, offering a new dimension of flexibility, comfort and aesthetics.

Whether you are a homeowner seeking privacy or an entrepreneur eager to stand out in the industry, this innovation is an investment that will change the way we interact with our environment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your space unique and functional. With switchable glass, the future is in your hands.

Contact us today to find out how this technology can improve your life and space.

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